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Achieve Your Dreams: Embracing Intentionality and Faith for a Purposeful Life

Achieving your dreams requires a purposeful life. To live purposefully, you must embrace a life of action and belief. Today, we will discuss the power of intentionality and how faith can propel you into your winning season.

What are the 5 principles of purpose driven life?

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What Is Intentionality?

Having a clear intention is a great way to get closer to your goals. It means you're actively working towards what you want and not just waiting for things to happen. You don't always have to be physically doing something to be intentional - just imagining how you want your day to go can be helpful. When you're thinking about what you want, try to picture it in your mind as clearly as you can. This will help you stay focused and motivated to achieve your goals.

It's difficult to live intentionally if you don't know what you want.

Achieving your goals requires intentionality, which comes from understanding your priorities and taking deliberate steps toward them. To gain this clarity, you must embark on a process of self-discovery; learning more about yourself and your aspirations. By prioritizing yourself and learning more about what makes you come alive, you can make meaningful progress toward your goals.

Without intentionality, your mental state lacks direction and purpose.

What is Faith?

Believing in something greater than yourself is essential when realizing your goals. Faith requires trust in God and the conviction that all occurrences have a purpose. While setting your intentions is a crucial starting point, faith allows you to persevere. It is natural to feel disheartened or uncertain when setting long-term goals. This is where faith comes in. Faith provides the confidence to believe in the deliberate steps you take and inspires you to persist despite difficulties, setbacks, and obstacles. Faith is the key to crossing the finish line.

Everything you now have....your belief made it so.

Why You Need Intentionality and Faith to Succeed

When intentionality and faith are combined, they create a powerful force that can help you achieve success. Intentionality helps you stay focused and on track, while faith gives you the motivation and determination to keep going even when the going gets tough. Without these two elements, success may remain elusive, and you may struggle to achieve your goals. Therefore, it's important to cultivate a life that includes intentionality and faith to increase your chances of achieving success.

You may not always feel like doing what you said you would do, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it.

Five Ways to Act in Faith Along Your Journey

  1. Choose to do the uncomfortable thing, not the easy thing. Many times, it's our growth that propels us toward our destiny.

  2. Believe in the steps you feel moved to take although you may not understand them. God may often challenge you to do things you don't fully understand, but your obedience and trust in the process help you attain success.

  3. See challenges as opportunities. Oftentimes, challenges can influence one to deter from their goal. However...."the fact that you want to be is proof that you can be." -Wallace D. Wattles

  4. Take your time. Rushing can produce delays - take your time to understand what you should do and when the moment arrives for you to act on it - do so without hesitation.

  5. Believe. You may encounter a lot along the journey towards your goal. Some things will intentionally try to discourage you. It's in these moments when you must believe the most. In yourself. In your dream. In your process.

By combining intentionality and faith, you are creating a powerful mindset to achieve your dreams and live purposefully. As you discover your goals, or if you already know what they are, take the time to reflect, get clear, make a plan, trust in yourself, and allow God to guide you on your journey.


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