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How to Totally Transform Your Life and Attract Success Through Spiritual Development

Have you ever thought about what it takes to achieve success? There is an abundance of information available online that describes the routines of successful people who are living their best lives. However, much of this information focuses on creating new habits, building one's confidence, and identifying one's purpose. While all of these factors are very helpful and essential, there is one crucial piece missing. Today, I will share with you how to transform your life entirely to welcome a deeper level of success from within.

How do I start my spiritual transformation?

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According to the Cambridge Dictionary, success refers to the attainment of desired outcomes or aspirations. It involves turning your dreams and ideas into a tangible reality. Success comes in various forms and can take different shapes. Interestingly, many of us are already experiencing "success" without recognizing it. We may mistakenly view our results as failure, misfortune, or a sense of being hindered by our circumstances. However, it is worth noting that even with these outcomes, we are still accomplishing our internal goals and desires.

Success is primarily a state of mind. Your thoughts and beliefs shape your outcomes and determine your level of success. Your focus determines what you achieve and how far you go in life.

Renew Your Mind

Imagine your mind as a sophisticated and powerful tool, much like the latest computer; capable of performing a wide range of complex tasks. However, both your mind and a computer share a similar limitation - they can only produce results based on their available programming or information. Your mind processes, computes, and executes outcomes based on the thoughts, ideas, and imagination you allow to occupy its space. Just as a computer requires a specific set of instructions to perform a task, your mind requires the necessary information to produce a desired outcome.

Without the information it needs, your mind will be unable to compute the results you seek, yet create outcomes based on the information it's been programmed to utilize. Therefore, it's essential to fill your mind with the right information if you're looking to achieve a specific goal. Only then can you ensure that your mind is capable of producing the outcomes you truly desire.

Success demands growth. New information produces new outcomes.

Improve Your Internal Dialogue

When it comes to setting a new year resolution, goal, or dream, mastering new skills isn't always the biggest challenge. While helpful, it's not always necessary to achieve your desired outcome. What sets successful individuals apart from the rest isn't money or resources, but rather their mindset. Those who: approach challenges with a positive attitude, embrace the journey, and respond to obstacles are more likely to succeed.

Success is attainable for everyone, but it requires a strategic approach to thinking. To achieve your goals, you must condition your mind to believe in your dream, even when you don't see immediate results. You must speak confidently in the face of failure, challenges, and setbacks, and always tell yourself the story you want to experience.

Success lies in improving your perspective, building resilience, and conquering your fears.

To attain greater success beyond what you may presently conceive, it is crucial to prioritize your inner growth. Despite its tendency to be overlooked, spiritual development serves as the foundation for achieving outstanding outcomes.

3 Ways Spiritual Development Transforms Your Life for Success

  1. Dilutes Emotional Response - Emotions are necessary along your journey. They keep you in tune with how you feel and express yourself. However, when chasing success, if you base your actions on your emotions, you will constantly achieve results that don’t feel successful. This is because, although emotions tell us where we are internally, they usually impact how we move externally. When you commit to nurturing your inner well-being with helpful tools for its growth and development, it gradually dilutes your emotional response by replacing it with spiritual understanding. When you are growing into a better version of yourself, you will experience things that may hurt your feelings or impact you emotionally - but when you’ve done the #InnerWork to nurture your spirit, your emotions must take a back seat; keeping you focused, aligned, and in tune with who you are, beyond how you may feel.

  2. Strengthens Your Faith Talk - The way you communicate about your success, whether thinking to yourself or out loud, truly impacts how your mind interprets and computes results. When you decide and commit to a particular goal, you may notice that challenges or overwhelming feelings may present themselves. This is because your mind is adjusting to your decision and trying to wrap itself around how to make your goal happen. It may feel extremely frustrating to you when this is happening and usually, this change can inspire you to settle back into comfort and give up on your goal. When you make an intentional plan to strengthen your soul care, you begin to pour new information into your heart, mind, and soul that helps you adjust to the changes growth is introducing to you by rewiring your mind with language that supports and inspires change. You see, those overwhelming feelings usually create fear or they can allow you to flex your faith. God’s word is a helpful resource full of positive and affirming language that you can speak to yourself or aloud, when challenges, fears, doubts, and worries arise in your mind. Speaking your faith will not only help your mind to adjust to the changes, but it will also boost your confidence and belief in your journey.

  3. Improves Your Decisions, Focus, and Commitments - When you commit to developing spiritually, you begin to live an intentional and purposeful life. This is because your spirit is connected to your authentic self. It does not base its views or acceptance on external factors, and it rarely requires feedback to feel competent, capable, and equipped to achieve. As you strengthen your connection to your spirit, it will change the way you make decisions, where you invest your time, and what you ultimately commit to. Your life will become very intentional, encouraging you to fulfill your deepest desires and achieve overwhelming success - the kind you want and hope for.

Your spirit is very similar to your mind but doesn't require any programming. It already knows who you are, what you want, and how you can utilize your abilities and resources to create the life you truly desire. However, similar to your mind, it needs your command. Not so much to tell it what to do, but to provide permission for it to express and recall to you, who you truly are.

As you begin to emotionally develop, strengthen your faith talk, and align your choices with your authentic self, you will begin to notice how your spirit influences your mind to adjust to it's program, helping you to transform your life and attract success.

As you work towards personal growth in 2024, intentionally explore tools and resources to become more self-aware and connected to your authentic self.


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Dr. Amirah B. Abdullah

Amirah B. Abdullah, DrPH

A Mindfulness Coach with a passion for helping you build the muscle that influences everything you do. For Your Inner G is committed to helping individuals improve their mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being to support and encourage adulting success.

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