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Welcome to For Your Inner G

For Your Inner G is an online wellness community that offers various mindfulness and mental health resources to support the development of mental strength and resilience among young adults as they navigate the challenges of adult life with a positive outlook.


We provide practical tips and life-skill techniques to help you find peace and calm in your daily life.


We believe that everyone deserves to live a happy and fulfilling life, and we are here to help you achieve that.


Join our community today and start your journey towards a better you.

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Dr. Amirah B. Abdullah
A Champion of Community-Driven Wellness, Mental Wealth Advocacy, and Mindfulness Coaching

Hello There!

I’m Dr. Amirah B. Abdullah and I love creating All Things of Value,

For Your Inner G.


I am thrilled to have you here and appreciate your interest in getting to know me. I was Born and raised in San Bernardino, CA, and have an educational background rooted in various regions and cultures. 


As a Doctor of Public Health, I'm passionate about using my gift to help and encourage others to believe in themselves. I love working with young adults who are transitioning into adulthood, and I do this by providing Mindfulness Coaching, Youth Mentorship, and Mental Wealth Advocacy to improve their mental and emotional health.


For Your Inner G embodies the principles and values that help young adults live and thrive into adulthood with confidence, authenticity, and true life fulfillment.

Buckle up and get ready to learn how to thrive into adulthood with a lineup of products, services, and helpful resources designed to fuel your confidence and personal growth, and bring out your awesomeness!


Friend or future pal, your arrival sparks a joyous flame within me.


Thank you for being here. I’m looking forward to building a meaningful connection with you!


❤️ Dr. A

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