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For Your Inner G is a Mental Wealth Stationery Store & Gift Shop. Our products honor the cultivation of spirituality and intentional living to help YOUth manage stress and develop healthy habits for adulthood.

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Growth Mindset Starters

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FYIG's Free Inner G

Looking for practical resources to develop healthy habits for adulthood?!

Access FYIG’s Free Printable Worksheets created to help you develop self-awareness, boost your confidence, and attract success & wealth.

Thrive onward on your journey into adulthood by tapping into your InnerG and cultivating a winner’s mindset!

Free Stress Management Workbook

Learn the essential skills for identifying your triggers and developing healthy habits for managing life's stressful moments.

Access FYIG's Free Stress Management Workbook created to help you shift your perspective, combat stress, and connect to self.

Thrive onward on your journey into adulthood with ease!

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Journals & Notebooks

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Youth Mindfulness Coaching Program

Navigating adulthood can be a challenging time, often resulting in growing pains, anxiety, and difficult life experiences. Don't go through it alone and unequipped.

Connect with FYIG's own Mindfulness Coach, Dr. A, and start developing the essential life skills you need to succeed in this new phase of your life.

FYIG Coaching Services

Printable Stationery

Shop our collection of printable paper. Perfect for personal, home, and school use. Shop and save when you buy 2 or more!

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