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Embrace the Struggle

How to Overcome Challenging Times in Life

Let’s face it - nobody is exempt from life's struggles. We all will experience tough times, encounter challenging moments, and fight the urge to throw in the towel. Life is not easy. It will confront you…but....isn’t this how warriors are made?

As the late and great Nipsey Hussle reminds us,

“It’s not what’s On you. It’s what’s In you.”

This article will weigh in on the benefits of the struggle and why it must serve as the prerequisite to your greatness. You will learn how to manage life’s challenges and receive healthy ways to respond to them.

Major Life Changes and Anxiety

Main Takeaways:

  • Every challenge you encounter is preparing you for success

  • You were built for this. It’s not happening to you; it’s happening for you

  • No matter the story, it’s always dark before the light comes - stay the course

  • If you’re doubting yourself, you’re already defeated. To win, you must respond from a place of victory

It’s time to address your relationship with challenges.

It’s one that appears to be a no love, all hate kind of pairing.

Challenges typically arise after major life changes, experiencing success, or making a decision to grow, mature, and develop.

If this is the case, why be at odds with them? Because they hurt? Because they don’t feel good?....Is growth supposed to be easy?

It’s important to develop a healthy perspective around challenges, as they have the power to impact how you see yourself and connect with the world. If you think they are happening to make you feel inadequate or incapable, you will constantly absorb the challenge as pain; weakening your confidence and belief to overcome it.

Although some challenges may be painful to experience, it’s life’s way of helping you learn how to critically assess, change, and transform the experience into a powerful moment for positive growth and development.

When you embrace the uncomfort that presents along your path,

you give yourself the opportunity to evolve into the best version of yourself.

Top Ways to Reduce Depression and Anxiety for Young Adults

School is one place that intentionally presents you with challenges designed to help you grow. Whether through school work, social groups, and/or managing the school-life balance; you are being pushed into new territory to help you reach new heights.

61% of young adults feel pressure to get good grades and nearly 30% feel pressure to fit in and meet social “standards” of popularity; resulting in deep feelings of depression and anxiety. Depression, a mood disorder that causes feelings of sadness, is becoming prevalent among 16-24 year olds living in the United States. One factor impacting this adverse health outcome is the perception one holds about unforeseen life events and disappointment.

The mental attitude you hold towards life experiences,

has the power to shift and influence your mood more than you know.

It’s time to acquire healthy habits towards challenging times in life so that you may see the struggle as an opportunity to shine, rather than believing the lie that failure is on the horizon.

Mental and Emotional Tips for High School Students

Here are 7 healthy ways to perceive difficulties that present in your life:

1. Affirm - You Are Built For This: 1 Corinthians 10:13 reminds us that we will all experience tests in life - and will have the ability to overcome them. God will never place more on you than you can bear. If you're going through something that’s trying to break you, remember, you are built for this and God is helping you make it through. “We all experience times of testing, which is normal for every human being. But God will be faithful to you. He will screen and filter the severity, nature, and timing of every test or trial you face so that you can bear it. And each test is an opportunity to trust him more, for along with every trial God has provided for you a way of escape that will bring you out of it victoriously.” Therefore, if it's happening to you, it’s happening for you. Find the good in each difficulty. Seek God to guide you towards the outcome successfully.

2. You Must Break to Shine: I have never seen a diamond shine, without first being taken through a process of development; one that includes pressure, intensity, and renewal. When you decide to make changes in your life, you are ultimately agreeing to a process of development. This process will require you to release old habits, change your thought patterns, and introduce new skills and methods into your life. This requires discipline. This requires commitment to do something you’ve never done before. Similar to the diamond, which in its original form, looks like a black rock; you must break to shine. In your quiet time, ask yourself and journal on the following:

  • What is being cut out of my life to shift me towards success?

  • How am I viewing the colors of change that are unfolding in my life to help me develop and become my best?

  • What in my life is being clarified to prepare me for the growth I desire?

  • With dream fulfillment comes a great deal of responsibility. How are these challenges helping me carry the weight of my blessing?

3. Mentally Shift Your Focus: Every mental strain you feel is the result of how you choose to view what you are going through. If you view struggle as a burden, it becomes one. If you identify challenges as failure and develop a “this must not be for me” kind of attitude, you most likely will throw in the towel and quit. Your mind is so powerful and is shaped by what you choose to believe. To overcome challenging times in life, you must mentally shift your focus to identify and connect to the opportunities and positive results that are unfolding as a result of your experience. When you do this, you are giving life to your faith, beliefs, and desired outcomes. Focus on the good. Not only will it help you see the challenge through, it will strengthen your mind and help you develop the inner confidence you need to live your dream.

4. Improve Your Soul Care: It is SOul important to feed your soul. It is the foundational component within the mind-body-spirit trifecta that holds you together. It gives you life and consists of many eternal truths that help you ride the rollercoaster of life well. No matter what you experience and go through, it’s vital to maintain a positive perspective, a loving heart, and uphold your uniqueness with honor. But how can you do so, if the piece of you that provides the guidance and structure to what makes you, you….is never catered to? It’s important to spend time connecting with God and yourself. To alleviate the stressors that present with challenging times, we suggest you develop a morning routine that includes time for spiritual and personal development. Here are a few activities you can incorporate in your morning routine to amplify, nurture, and feed your soul:

  • Spend time reading the word of God - a source that provides you with positive language & truths to help you overcome challenging times. When you dedicate your morning to God, you will be moved into a mental space of calm, confidence, and assurance that no matter what you may go through, God is right there with you.

  • Meditation is one of the best ways to show yourself love and create an internal atmosphere of peace, positivity, and joy. Click here to access our meditation videos designed to help you breathe, feel, and live your way through life’s challenges.

  • Self Reflection and Journaling is an effective way to uncover your deep feelings and thoughts. It provides you with space to express yourself and how change is making you feel. It’s important when going through challenging times to get out of your head. The best way to do this is not by venting it out…but through writing it out. Click here to receive free journal prompts to encourage self reflection.

  • Exercise is a great way to start your day. It helps elevate your mood, increase your energy, and shows you, through its execution, that you can survive pain and challenging experiences. Let’s be real, many of the workouts we put our bodies through don't feel good but the results are always good. By incorporating a workout into your daily routine, you are showing yourself that difficult moments have the power to create beautiful outcomes.

7 Tips for Overcoming Challenges in Life like a Pro

5. Run Your Race: Stay focused and committed to what your goals and desires are, even when challenges present. Many times, when you are seeking to grow, make changes in your life, or overcome the roadblocks in your way to success; you must make a choice - are you going to push through or let the pressure overtake you? Run your race to the end. Although it may tire you….when it uninspires you or when you feel like you’ve done all you could do….pace yourself, remember your why and keep pushing through.

6. Learn, Build, and Improve: What is the challenge trying to teach you? Everything we experience is either a blessing or a lesson; and even the lessons ultimately end up being opportunities for our good. It’s important to shift your mind from seeing your struggle as a problem and start searching for the solution.

  • Do you need to learn a new skill?

  • Do you need to step out of your comfort zone and face fear?

  • Are you being presented with the challenge as an opportunity to showcase how you’ve grown?

Everything you experience is a guiding light to your improved, best version of self….if you learn to build from your mistakes and improve your perspective to see and find the good.

How to Face and Overcome Challenges in Life with Confidence

7. Remember - You Got This!: You are fully equipped with all you need to succeed. You have been groomed to overcome what is before you. Stand tall. Believe in yourself. Trust God and never lose hope.

Success is your birthright. You were created and born to live a successful and fulfilling life, but you must change your relationship and perspective of challenges. Everyone will experience hardships and difficulties in life. There are no exceptions…but true warriors win in the end; not because of the weight of their struggle but the size of conviction in their heart. You set the tone. You determine how life impacts your mind and mood. Don’t allow the pressures to depress you; welcome the pressures to help groom and shape you into your absolute best!

Personal Challenges in Life as a Student

The Missing Link to Your Adulting Success:

🧩 Change your mindset towards challenges; Stop seeing them as problems and lean into the opportunity.

🧩 Develop a healthy morning routine to start your day with an open and optimistic heart.

🧩 Write and identify where you are in your relationship with challenges. Document ways you can improve.

You are stronger than you think.

Braver than you know.

Victorious before you begin.

Don’t believe me?

Go ask God…He knows how your story will end.

Mindfulness Activities for Students

Hold on to the Essentials to Improve your Mood and Focus:

✨You were created to succeed every difficulty that is presented to you

✨ Life is supporting you

✨ Legends are built in challenging times. Stay the course.

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