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What Are You Thinking About?

Self Reflection Poems for Teens

What Are You Thinking About?

Is it positive?

Is it something you want to experience?

Is it placing you in alignment with your goals?

Do you like the scenarios you're creating?

Your thoughts...right now!...are creating your day.

Your thoughts...right now!...are shaping your experiences.

They are forming your attitude.

They are cultivating decisions within you that you'll ultimately make.

Your thoughts are molding your world.

So, what are you thinking about??

Make it positive.

Focus on the things you would love to have and experience...

even if you're not experiencing them right now.

Your mind is the first place all things you will ultimately experience are formed.

Think about what you want.

Imagine how you want your life to be.

Cultivate hypothetical moments you would like to experience.

Do it today.

Do it often.

Do it until what you think and see align.

That's how God wants you to use your mind.


Dr. A


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