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Stay Open: How Adapting and Staying Present Can Skyrocket Your Success

Embarking on the journey towards success is not a straightforward path. It involves establishing your goals and trusting that the universe will align and pave the way for their fulfillment. However, this process of achieving success not only depends on your personal growth but also on the situations and circumstances of those around you. As a result, you may encounter unforeseen challenges and experiences along the way.

How does adaptation lead to success?

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In today's discussion, we'll explore the significance of remaining receptive to these experiences and how they can skyrocket your success.

What The Journey Looks Like....

When creating a plan for your future, you may choose to visualize, journal, or make a vision board. These methods help you focus on your desired outcome but don't show you what it will look like to achieve your goals. Your plan for success involves projecting who you want to become from where you are now. To achieve your goals, you need to grow, change, evolve, and step into more. This may require a shift in your habits, the way you communicate, how you handle challenges, or simply choosing where you spend your time. Although it sounds easy, it's a challenging road that requires you to consistently make choices that align with where you are going, not where you are.

Trusting the process is not easy but it rewards those who do.

This process takes time, and your willingness to commit and persevere is essential to achieving your goals. Although everyone's path to success is different, some common experiences arise along the way, such as:

  • Executing your plan and realizing that it doesn't produce immediate results

  • Hearing "no" and experiencing closed doors

  • Having to do things that you've never done before

  • Finding the motivation to keep going when it feels like nothing is working

  • Overcoming negative self-talk and criticism from others

  • Losing friends and loved ones

  • Learning new skills and improving your strengths

  • Stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying new things

  • Learning to believe in yourself when nobody else does

  • Choosing discipline and consistency over emotions

  • Developing patience and trusting that you will arrive at your success when you're supposed to be there.

Remember that success is a journey, not a destination. Embrace the challenges and growth opportunities that come your way, and don't give up on your dreams.

Every step forward is purposeful and prepares you for what you've asked for.

Why You Must Surrender

It's important to learn how to let go of the idea of how your success will unfold. It's not your job to determine or understand the "how" because we all have a very limited personal view. When you put your dreams out into the universe and believe in them with all your heart, they will come true. However, not before preparing you to receive and maintain them. God doesn't want to give you the desires of your heart just for you to manage them irresponsibly. If you received what you wanted in your way and time, it would disappear just as quickly as it appeared. This is because you wouldn't have developed, evolved, or changed into the person you needed to be to successfully keep it.

I've never met anyone who fought against God and won.

When you surrender, you show your trust in God and acknowledge that everything is happening to help you achieve success. Surrendering allows you to stop fighting against the process and welcome it with open arms. It also helps you avoid delays that may arise from pride, ego, or the desire to control. Surrendering is not an easy thing to do, and it takes time to fully embrace what's happening along the way. But when you realize that fighting against God's plan will never get you what you want, you'll open yourself up to change and stay present in what's happening so that you can see it coming towards you every day.

Life gets better when you realize you're not doing it on your own.

How To Adapt and Stay Calm

To achieve success, it's important to remain open and adaptable to new ideas, perspectives, and approaches. Your idea of how to achieve success isn't the only way. When you accept this and broaden your ability to welcome new ways of thinking and experiencing life, you develop new skills, gain an improved perspective, and become more resilient, which helps you excel.

Here are a few ways to adapt and remain open:

  1. Welcome new opportunities that align with your goals.

  2. Be okay with rejection and loss. It's a part of the process. You must make room for new things.

  3. Every opportunity, even those that seem to align, doesn't necessarily deserve a "yes" response. Sometimes, it's best to take a step back and carefully consider the request, using wisdom and patience rather than making a hasty decision. Learn how to assess what's being asked of you from a place of thoughtfulness to make the best choice for yourself.

  4. Assess the lesson. Learn the lesson.

  5. Give your life space to unfold as it may rather than fighting against your imagined expectations.

  6. Connect with God. Get to know more about who He is and how He's worked in the lives of others. You can do this through reading the word of God, connecting to a faith-based community, or reviewing biographies of those you look up to. In every success story, if you get close enough, you'll see God throughout all the details.

  7. Believe in your dreams and stay committed regardless of how the "how" looks.

Remaining mindful and present with what is happening in your life will enable you to identify and leverage opportunities that come your way. It is crucial to stay aware of any changes in your environment and be willing to adjust your approach if necessary. This will enhance your capacity for growth and, without you realizing it, prepare you for success.

Always remember that success is not a destination that can be reached and then forgotten. It is a continuous journey that requires unrelenting effort, constant adaptation to changing circumstances, and a steadfast commitment to growth. Keep striving towards your goals, and you will undoubtedly achieve the success you seek.


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