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What Qualifications Do I Need to Attain Success?

The Major Key to Achieving and Sustaining a Successful Life and Career

Skills The Next Generation Needs for Success

We know what you came here for…so we’re not going to make you wait too long for the answer. To be successful, there’s only one major key you need to acquire and utilize every step of the way….and that is, you must F.L.Y; Fearlessly Live as Yourself!

When you develop the confidence to stand boldly in the world as your most true and authentic self, you unlock the unique treasures living on the inside of you, that equip you to live, thrive, and experience the best that life has to offer. Now you may be wondering, “how do I fearlessly live as myself?” Well..keep reading 😊

This article will provide you with four essential life skills to help you develop the mindset, agility, adaptability, and confidence you need to soar and live a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Main Takeaways:

  • Authentic living requires honesty, transparency, and courage.

  • Who are you? What do you want out of life? Why?

  • You must develop the ability to manage your emotions and navigate around the emotions of others.

  • Overcome the need to be perfect before you progress.

  • Adjust. Adapt. Evolve to reach new heights.

Top Journal Prompts to Build A Successful Career

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I’m sure you’ve been searching the web trying to identify the technical skills you need to truly lead a successful life. After numerous article reviews, you may be in the process of changing your entire career path to one that fits the “new wave of success.” Before you get lost in the whirlwind of information, allow us to ground you in truths that will not only equip you for success but require very little compromise. When applied, you will be able to effectively use these skills in any position, career, or life purpose to increase successful outcomes.

Did you know that many teens struggle with insecurities about their life, physical appearance, school performance, and relationships with family and friends? These internal emotions often lead to deep levels of stress that prevent them from seeing their potential. Oftentimes, when youth struggle to find confidence within themselves, this impacts their decision making and perception of success.

You don’t need to acquire another skill -

you need to trust the gifts you already have.

If you want to attain your goals and truly live your best life, you have to stop believing that who you are and how you are isn’t good enough. You do not lack anything that is required for you to Fearlessly Live as Yourself; you lack the confidence to trust in who you are and the courage to step into being your true authentic self.

Mindfulness Activities to Reduce Stress, Improve Self Awareness, and Increase Confidence

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Here are four essential life skills to help you develop the mindset, agility, adaptability, and confidence you need to soar and live a life beyond your wildest dreams:

🔑 Know Thyself: Self Awareness provides you with the ability to develop a true understanding of who you are on a personal and intimate level. Similar to how you learn about your friends or a special person in your life, this skill allows you to dissect your own personality and character to identify:

❓Why you do the things you do

❓Why you care about particular topics and causes

❓Who you become when feeling happy, sad, comforted, and out of place

The value of knowing yourself on this level, helps you to acquire a mastery over your feelings, self worth, and identity; allowing the thoughts of others to become powerless in controlling your inner confidence, how you see yourself, and how you show up for yourself.

🔑 Mind Your Emotions: Emotional Intelligence allows you to recognize, understand, and manage your emotions so that you may respond to challenges and problems that present in your life in ways that are beneficial to your journey. This is an essential life skill that will help you FLY into your success and reach new heights. It’s important to learn how to control yourself and your reactions to things that are occurring to dilute your self-esteem and self-belief. This is how you remain in control of your journey and your story.

🔑 Follow Through: Goal attainment is 90% effort and 10% skill. Success requires you to execute what you know so that you may evolve into learning more of what you need in order to achieve it. Favorable outcomes don’t appear overnight. They are the result of getting started, making adjustments, and progressing forward.

🔑 Boost Your Reach: Once you achieve one level of success, you will be required to learn more…if you want to continue your rise into the next level. Success is the result of maintaining; a growth mindset, a positive perspective of challenges, and a strong personal and professional development routine. To stay ahead of the game, you must be aware of the plays so that you can adapt as needed and strengthen your ability to soar. At every stage of your journey ask yourself:

❓How can I improve?

❓What weaknesses limit my ability to reach the top?

❓When I achieve my goal, who do I need to be to maintain it?

When you know who you are…

Money, Happiness, and Success will want to know you.

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By developing these social and emotional life skills, you will be able Fearlessly Live as Yourself with poise, confidence, and purposeful living.

The Missing Link to Your Adulting Success:

🧩Spend intentional time getting acquainted with yourself. What can you learn about your personality or character that can help you build a life of success?

🧩 How do you respond to pain? Is it beneficial to your journey?

🧩 Are you executing on your goals daily? What is your current effort/skill ratio?

🧩 What steps are you currently taking to develop personal and professional strengths?

Don’t try to lessen yourself for the world; let the world catch up to you.

- Beyonce

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Resource - Psychology Today

What Qualifications Do I Need to Attain Success blog was written by Dr. Amirah B. Abdullah


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