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God’s Plan

….and You're His Child.

God’s story begins with Him sharing what He created.

In Genesis, God shares His plan with us. His plan for the earth, the heavens, ….the oceans; ALL of His creations. Everything from mankind to the difference between Day and Night.

‘.....Now earth was formless and empty; darkness was over the surface of the deep and the spirit of God was hovering over the waters’. (Genesis 1:2) Earth was completely empty. No animals. No people. No trees…..absolutely nothing.

As ‘the spirit of God was hovering’ and God viewed Earth, what seemed to be for the first time, He opened up His mouth and said, ‘Let there be Light’.

Why Purpose is important in life

The first words out of God’s mouth gave birth to His first documented creation - on earth. Light.

To reach your goal of becoming successful, the first thing God wants you to acknowledge is:

Your words are powerful. They create what you see and how you feel.

After God created light, He expressed feeling. ‘God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness.’ (Genesis 1:4) What God saw, propelled Him into action to change his initial view. God didn’t like Earth being empty or formless, so He spoke to produce a pleasing feeling.

To be successful - you must begin your story with words that invoke the creation of things you want to see, experience, feel, live, and attract.

What's Gods Plan for my Life?

Many of us may have the bad habit of seeing something we don’t like….about ourselves, our journey, our story, our life….and begin to speak words that produce sad and hurtful narratives over our lives; experiencing, feeling, living, and attracting the bad.

I don’t know where we developed this habit but in order to change the course of what we see, we must speak to the good; things we want to create and experience.

That’s what God, the perfect example of success, did! From the beginning, God used His words to create, feel, and experience better.

More than 20% of GenZ living in the U.S. will express feelings of depression and anxiety, with many choosing to end their lives. Suicide is currently the 3rd leading cause of death among young adults.

There’s pressure to be the most popular, paid, and pictured, causing many to chase success without realizing….You have the opportunity to create it everyday....with your words.

Reflect On This:

In the Beginning, God created everything that exists, with a word.

  • What are you saying about yourself?

  • What are you saying about your success and your ability to attain it?

  • Are your words pleasing to your sight?

  • Do they make you feel good?

  • Do they encourage a desire in you to continue creating what you’re experiencing?

Missing Link of the Week: Take Inventory of your Words

What Was Gods Plan for Creation?

If you want to attain and maintain success, following the perfect example, the first thing you must do is speak life. Speak a pleasing word or think pleasing thoughts; invoke positive and good feelings.

FYIG Recommends:

Read Genesis Chapter 1. Learn more about the backstory of God’s successful moment - the creation of where you live; Earth.

As you read, you will recognize that God was not making these decisions to show others that he was the Best - God was simply being who He was; creating from a desire to feel good.

When you finish Chapter 1, I want you to reflect on any feelings that make you anxious, depressed, worrisome, insecure, or fearful. Feelings that make you want to cause harm to yourself. I want you to recognize why you experience them.

Many times, what depresses us and creates anxious thoughts, is trying to live and be someone we are not; trying to live up to expectations the world, the culture, and our life experiences give us.

Be Yourself. The world will accept you better that way.....and you will too.

Can I Ruin Gods Plan for My Life?

Grab your Journal & Consider the following:

  • Are you choosing to create a life to make the world see you as the best or are you showcasing that you are simply one of God's creations?

As a child of God, not only are you able to achieve your goals, by owning who you are, you are capable of showcasing to the world what it looks like to be popular, paid, and pictured being the perfect example of who you are. Own this birthright. Stand in who you are and who you were created to be.

You are someone who creates from a desire to feel good.

You are fully equipped. Embrace all the goodness you possess within and remember, when God created you….He was pleased and saw you as something very good.

What will you create? How will you shift your view and focus to something good?

With Love,

Dr. A

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The God’s Plan blog was written by Dr. Amirah B. Abdullah


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