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The Missing Link

Connecting the Dots to Success

Welcome to the Missing Link Blog. A space created to provide the essentials you need to connect with God, live in purpose, and develop and grow into your best.

God has planned every detail of your life and seeks to help you achieve success.

You give yourself the best opportunity to attain and maintain success when you follow God’s plan for your life and apply biblical principles.

When I began to study the Bible, I realized, it’s not just a rulebook on how to live your purpose, embrace who you are, and live and thrive in everything that you do… also shares the perfect example of success.

If you’re here to learn effective habits you can develop to attain and maintain success - you’ve come to the right place. The Missing Link to your success is the word of God.

The Creator of you, me, your favorite animal, plant, day, video game, singer, tv show and more, knows you by name, loves you, and wants you to be successful!!!

God has attained and maintained success over the course of many lifetimes and is consistently adding more wins to His belt today!

It took me going through many challenges that made me feel like adulting was hard before I realized,

the Missing Link to my success was not in my ability to learn a new skill, do more work, gain social clout, or develop the next million dollar idea.

The Missing Link to my success was trying to achieve something without reading and following the rulebook created for my life; one that teaches me how to create a relationship with God and become a thriving successful person in life - as myself - doing what I was naturally born and created to do. I’m here to share biblical principles to help you develop the dialect and system of the Only One who has consistently showcased what success is, how to live it, and how to keep it.

Kobe Bean Bryant, in my opinion, is a great example of NBA basketball success. If I were interested in being a great Basketball Player, I’d study Kobe Bryant! Not to become exactly like him, but to gain the skills and knowledge he knew to become one of the Best Basketball Players of all Time.

Oftentimes, we do the complete opposite. We see the great example of a thing and try to show that our way is better, rather than honoring that person's ability to achieve what we’re aiming for.

God is the perfect example of success - in all things, in all ways - yet His blueprint is an underutilized resource for those seeking to attain and maintain success.

This Blog will help you understand the skills, mindset, and knowledge that God provides in order for you to live and lead a successful life, living as God intended.

Each month, new principles will be shared to help you unlock truths and see yourself worthy of success, peace, and happiness.

Sidebar: you might want to grab a journal to document your story. With God, you’re about to get infinitely more than you may ask or think! (Ephesians 3:20 NLT) Wouldn’t you like to remember all the amazing details…?

Stay tuned and get ready to connect the dots to success so you can truly live, thrive, and experience your absolute best life!

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Source: The Bible (New Living Translation)

The Missing Link: Connecting the Dots to Success was written by Dr. Amirah B. Abdullah

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