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Simply Living….Life

A Different Approach to Life for Young Adults

Do you know what it feels like when you embrace the concept of Simply Living? Do you know what it means to Simply Live? My bet would be heavy on no, for both of those questions, and that is okay. You’re not alone within this space of unknowing. I once was there myself and that’s why I’m here to share insight so you can enjoy simply living life!

I define Simply Living as being in a space of uninhibited self-love. Simply Living is honest self-awareness….It’s an expression of gratitude for the present moment and for the little things. To simply live is to experience life as the best version of yourself - with peace, purpose, positivity, understanding, gratitude, good health, and radical self love.

Applying a ‘Simply Living’ mindset doesn't come easy. In fact, your past experiences may show that it’s safer to live life with negativity, anger, unforgiveness, and/or in cycles of fear-based living. This couldn’t be far from the truth. Your thoughts transcend into your reality and since you are in control of your thoughts, you are also in control of your experiences. To reach and maintain this level of understanding, you must continuously check in with yourself, God, and adjust your focus to experiencing feelings and moments you desire.

As the creator and designer of your thoughts, you get to choose what expands around you.

Growing up comes with a variety of battles, but there’s joy to be experienced in the midst of unknowns and chaos. To Simply Live, you must find your joy. By transforming how you see things, you’re not being irresponsible, neglecting the world around you, or frontin’ on life….you are aligning your thoughts and feelings to evolve towards what you want to experience; positive vibes, good health, and mental clarity….unapologetically unbothered by the distress of the day.

Tap into the goodness that life brings when you’re self-aware.

The Simply Living Blog will explore the tools needed, during the transition of young adulthood, to strengthen the growth and development of the mind, body, and spirit. We’ll discuss health, wellness, and lifestyle tips to help you experience a stress-free life with intention, as your true authentic self.

The Mind

Did you know that everything begins and ends in the mind? Your thoughts begin to dictate how you view the world around you and shape the decisions you make. Think of your mind like a garden, you will reap what you sow. The point is, what you focus on will grow.

The most important conversations you’ll ever have are the ones you’ll have with yourself” - David Goggins

The Body

Your body is an extraordinary machine...uniquely made just for you! It is the vital component that houses your mind and spirit. Our behavior and our thoughts play a major role in our overall health and well-being. You’ll have to mind what you consume, both physically and mentally. Things like unresolved or built-up stress and anxiety can begin to show up in other forms within the body and influence unhealthy behaviors. One of the greatest ways to honor your physical form is by engaging in actions that support your optimal wellness and physical health. Throughout this space we'll discuss topics related to building and maintaining a body that feels good to you, both inside and out!

The Spirit

What are we without our life force energy? Your spirit is the essence of who you are. It represents your higher self that was eternally present before you were born. This is your Inner G. Everything we need to live this life is intertwined within us and seeking to be expressed through us. The Simply Living blog will guide you on effective ways to tune in to the best of who you are. You’ll come to know and understand the greatness that unfolds when you allow your most authentic self to be the anchor in everything that you do. A life you enjoy begins by tuning into the ‘Inner G’ that keeps you centered, balanced, and whole.

To develop a simply living mindset, set aside intentional time to strengthen your mind-body-spirit connection. There’s an abundance of energy overflowing within you that allows you to express self-love, happiness, knowledge, resilience, healing, and creativity. Step into this knowing and claim the power to influence what you experience, feel, and desire.

It’s time for you to Cherish the Interlude of life...

by Simply Living.

You Got This!

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For Your Inner G

The Simply Living Life Blog was written by Stanette D.

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