About Us

Thank you for visiting our shop! Your support means the world to us. 
We strive to provide our FYIG Tribe with a lifelong pursuit of love, family, and community growth.


Welcome to For Your Inner G, your favorite Stationery Store & Gift Shop. We provide paper goods and services to assist in strengthening your connection to mind, body, and spirit. 

We are a Black, Women-Owned Business here to encourage our community to live creative, healthy, and intentional lives.

Take a look around. Stay awhile. 

Our products are stylish and come with the purpose of creating space to develop into your most authentic self. 

Created with your Inner G in Mind

FYIG Values

Our foundation is rooted in the Inner G’s that keep us centered: 

For Your Inner G


With principles rooted in our relationship with God, we value and prioritize tuning inward and cultivating spirituality. 

We accept and honor who we were created to be and strive to grow intentionally into our most authentic self. 

We allow and welcome spirit to guide us in the direction of abundance and prosperity in all our endeavors. 

For Your Inner G

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