Welcome to For Your Inner G, your favorite Black women owned and operated stationery store & gift shop. Our products and services are person-centered, spiritually focused, mind-body connected, and made for the growth, exploration, and uncovering of your true authentic self.

Our Story

In 2020, we experienced a shift in the way society functions. For the first time, many people had to make adjustments to the way they think, live, work, and play; leading to disturbances in their mental, physical, and emotional health. 

This change to our daily living substantially impacted young adults living in the United States; with more than 20% expressing feelings of depression and anxiety.¹ 

Today, young adults are seeking ways to connect, feel seen, and supported in their search to understand who they are and why they matter.

As founders of FYIG, we were inspired to create a safe space to help young adults overcome limiting self beliefs, anxiety, and other emotional setbacks that dilute their confidence and life experiences. 

Our stylish and functional products assist you in connecting to your Inner G to develop self-awareness, improve self-esteem, and shift your perspective on what it means to thrive healthily, intentionally, and authentically into adulthood.

What is Inner G?

Inner G is the eternal part of you that never fades. As you move through the world and begin to make choices that are rooted in validation, popularity, and acceptance, you are unknowingly silencing your Inner G and becoming deaf to it’s guidance.

To overcome life stressors and reclaim authority over your life, you must feed your Inner G resources that increase your self-awareness and motivate you to make decisions that align with your authenticity.  

Inner G teaches you to be yourself, love yourself, and express yourself from the inside out.

Our Mission

FYIG is the leading stationery store and gift shop valuing, prioritizing, and honoring the cultivation of spirituality and intentional living.

We are here to support your growth and development as you strive to become the best version of yourself and make your dreams a reality - on your own terms!

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