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Discover Your Inner Journey

Welcome to For Your Inner G, your favorite women owned and operated stationery store & gift shop. Our products and services are person-centered, spiritually focused, mind-body connected, and made for the growth, exploration, and uncovering of one’s true authentic self.

Our Story

In 2020, we experienced a shift in the way society functions. For the first time, many people had to make adjustments to the way they think, live, work, and play; leading to disturbances in their mental, physical, and emotional health. The founders of FYIG were inspired to create a safe space for supporting individuals seeking to overcome limited self beliefs, negative self-talk, anxiety, and other emotional setbacks that dilute their life experiences.  

Our stylish, and functional products & services serve to support and encourage individuals to turn inward, evaluate their view of success, overcome external stressors, and redefine what it means to live intentional, healthy, and authentic lives.

We are dedicated to creating more emotional, physical, and spiritual balance in the world. 

We’re here to support your growth and development as you strive to become the best version of yourself and make your dreams a reality - on your own terms!

The major key to a better future is YOU

How you see yourself, love yourself, and believe in yourself!

Meet the Founders

Dr. Amirah B. Abdullah is a passionate community-driven wellness advocate and mindfulness coach. Born and raised in the inner city, she understands the challenges that come with a lack of resources and positive representation; its results usually create limited mental, economic, and social inadequacies.

She holds a B.S. in Biology, M.S. in Public Health, and Dr.PH in Epidemiology. When she is not working to address barriers to mental health & wellness, Dr. A spends her time crocheting & painting, volunteering with faith-based organizations, and encouraging others to see the beauty of their authenticity.

One of her life’s mantras is to “Never be afraid to F.L.Y., Fearlessly Live as Yourself!” Dr. A is working to transform communities, enhance individual living experiences, and infuse spaces with genuine love and support.

Stanette Dixon is a compassionate and resourceful human services professional and health & wellness advocate. She has a genuine interest in simply living a life full of purpose, peace, gratitude, good health, and love of self. One of her life’s mantras is to “Simply live life in Om!''

She combines her passions for paper crafting and memorable keepsakes with her education and background in youth development and advocacy, arts & crafts, and creative writing.

Through her handmade crafts, life skill workshops, and motivating content, Stanette reflects her practice of leading a holistic and extraordinary life rooted in peace and authenticity.

Our Core Values


We value, prioritize, and honor tuning inward to cultivate our spirituality. 


We acknowledge that in order to attain and maintain success in any area of our life, we must continuously and actively participate in becoming our most authentic self. 


We allow and welcome spirit to guide us in the direction of abundance and prosperity in all of our endeavors. 

With God, Anything is Possible!

For Your Inner G is a space created for YOU to tap inward for your journey onward! 

Stay connected for all things of value,

For Your Inner G