Welcome to For Your Inner G, your favorite Black women owned and operated stationery store & gift shop. All of our products and services are designed to help YOUth manage stress and develop healthy habits for adulthood by shifting their perspective on what it means to thrive healthily, intentionally, and authentically.

Our Story

For Your Inner G is a company that cares deeply about the growth and development of young adults' mental, emotional, and social well-being, as they transition from youth to adulthood; a phase leading more than 20% of 15-19 year olds, living in the U.S, to experience feelings of depression and anxiety. These feelings often lead to suicidal ideation, with many choosing to hurt, harm, ruin, or end their own lives.

We provide self awareness, spirituality, mental wealth, and adulting life strategies to help reduce the rate of suicide as the third leading cause of death among young adults by shifting their perspective towards positive expectations and outcomes.

Mindfulness is an effective mental and emotional strength building technique used to inspire individuals to change the way they feel about themselves and manage new life experiences. When applied in safe and supportive spaces, individuals are equipped to become: effective life decision makers, proficient in conflict management, mentally wealthy, and a peer & money magnet.

Young adults are seeking ways to connect, feel seen, and supported in their search to understand who they are and why they matter.

Through our stylish and functional products, youth coaching program, and speaking services, we facilitate practical ways to incorporate mindfulness into daily living practices that help to combat stress and adverse behavioral responses. The fun experiences and insightful events we create help youth deepen their connection to self and define what it means to thrive healthily, intentionally, and authentically into adulthood.

Adulting Success Begins Here!

Adulting Success Begins Here! Access #FreeInnerG for content and supportive resources that encourage self awareness, spiritual development, and mental, emotional, and social activities for the youth to adulthood transition.


What is Inner G?

Inner G is the eternal compass that guides you towards your life purpose to help you understand and activate your superpower to experience and live a successful life. Unlock your inner confidence and instincts by spending personal time with yourself to identify and understand what matters to you the most.

We all have Inner G but not everyone uses it...Will you?

As you move through the world and begin to make choices and decisions that are rooted in a desire to be liked and loved among your peers, you are unknowingly silencing your Inner G and becoming deaf to its guidance. 

Similar to your favorite comic book superhero, you too must spend time in solitude, developing a relationship with yourself, to unlock your gifts and identify your strengths.

It is time to feed your Inner G resources that help you remain aware of who you are, why you matter, and the gifts you possess that can change the world!

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Our Mission

FYIG is the leading stationery store and gift shop valuing, prioritizing, and honoring the cultivation of spirituality and intentional living to help individuals develop self-awareness, improve self-esteem, and shift their perspective on what it means to live a successful life.

We acknowledge that in order to attain and maintain success in any area of our life, we must actively participate in activities that support our growth and development. 

FYIG is here to support your journey into adulthood as you strive to become the best version of yourself and make your dreams a reality - on your own terms!

Seeking Help to Successfully Thrive into Adulthood?

The Nation’s Leading Mindfulness Coach Dr. A is Here to Help!

Enroll in the Breathe, Feel, and Live! Mindfulness Coaching Program

A 7 Step System designed to effectively help young adults mentally, emotionally, and socially thrive into adulthood.

Individuals who complete this program are equipped to become:

Effective Life Decision Makers, Proficient in Conflict Management, Mentally Wealthy, and a Peer & Money Magnet!

For more details and to avoid the adverse adulting outcomes that may occur when lacking support along your adulting transition, please visit www.FYIG.org

You Got This!

It’s time you start leading a Successful, Abundant, Unique, and Purposeful Life. Tap in to learn more about the Founders of FYIG and to discover The Missing Link to your adulting success!