What are Body Goals - Tips on Loving ALL of You

What are Body Goals - Tips on Loving ALL of You

At the start of every new year many of us decide how we will improve and become better versions of ourselves. New Year Resolutions lead many individuals' to affirm what they don’t love about themselves and dream of changing. Common choices include eating healthier, losing weight, and exercising. 

For most, the reasons stem from self-sabotage or are based on flaws that we perceive of ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve in these areas, but in our tribe, we want your choice to be rooted in love and genuine growth of self and the beauty you are, despite any challenges on your journey to improve.

Follow these tips for loving all of you, as you blossom into a healthier, wealthier, elevated you...thinking positively about who you are as you are...now

Look in the mirror and do a full body scanNotice parts of you, your skin, your grooves, your scars. Love on these parts of you. What do you love? What are you grateful for? Use this time to crush on yourself. 

Talk to your body. From your head to your toes, affirm what you love. Toot your own horn. Celebrate the beauty of your uniqueness! Soak and bask in it by praising your physical features.

Own your flaws. Some may try to hide them and showcase perfection. Why work hard to be perfect? Progression is more benefiting. We all have imperfections that make us self conscious….but who decided we had to be self-conscious about them? 

Perception is key. Ask yourself  “How am I perceiving my flaws?" Embrace all that makes you unique. No matter the imperfection, you are beautiful. You’re worthy of all you desire. You are blossoming into the best version of yourself…for yourself. 

Drink Water. Did you know that 60% of the human body is made up of water? Water is an essential element that restores both our mind, body, and spirit. It is a vital resource that benefits our entire well-being. Staying hydrated keeps the skin glowing and the body revitalized from the inside out. 

Respect your temple. Our bodies are uniquely designed to get each and every one of us through this journey of life… as extraordinary as it is, we only get one. Value its house by maintaining its vibrance and well-being. Be mindful of what you consume; pouring only loving things into and onto your body, allowing it to thrive as you do.

Herbs & Vitamins are essential. As you move and groove through life, there is a whole machine running inside of you. These internal systems are working to ensure you maintain optimal health and longevity. As we age and mature, we must help restore many of the vital nutrients and minerals the body needs to flourish and keep the gears grinding in your favor. You can start by implementing herbs and vitamins into your daily routine. Develop a responsible and personalized regimen for you. Remember the focus is loving ALL of you, both inside and out.

Keep a natural glow. Feeling the sun on our skin is essential. The sun is life force energy that sustains us, energizes us, and provides us with a natural source of Vitamin D. It is only natural that you spend time absorbing its rays. Whether you choose to exercise outdoors or sunbathe while reading a good book, adore the sun and allow it to ignite and revitalize your body. Daily.  

Move your body.  Is there any part of your body that you want to improve? Are you feeling tense? Get up and dance, exercise, run, walk! Whatever gets you moving your body and connected to feeling, is a good vibe. Connect to the rhythm of you. 

Eat to live! Everything we consume either gives us energy or depletes it. A healthy diet is equally essential as our herbal and vitamin intake. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables will not only make you feel good but it will have you feeling and looking like BAE, carrying some Bomb Ass Energy! If you aren’t vegan or vegetarian, no worries! It’s all about moderation and the source. Check the source of your products and always be sure that your choices are rooted in feeding and providing energy to your body.

Focus on you. Drink your water, focus on your lane, and mind your business. With everything going on around you, simply living can be overwhelming. Place your focus on self. When you are not worried about outward matters your peace of mind is easier to find and keep. Distractions, either good or bad, do not interrupt your path. They just determine how you will approach it.

Affirm this Truth....
“I see the pain decrease, when I focus on me” 

Embrace your inner Goddess/God. Revel in all that makes you amazing. Operate in your gifts. Starve your distractions.

Indulge in some R&R. Rest and relaxation are essential to feeling balanced. You can do all of the above but if you are overworking your mind and body, it will begin to show…..and we don’t want that! We love staying glowed up over here!! Be sure to rest, rejuvenate, and relax consistently so burnout doesn’t occur.


Allow yourself to be the first person to love on you today and everyday. As you set your body goals for the new year, may your choices be rooted in awareness of self and elevation into the improved version of you. Notice and give thanks for all the beautiful things that already exist within and around you.

Fall in love with all of you,

For Your Inner G!

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