Welcome to Simply Living!

Welcome to Simply Living!

A Blog Space Created to Discuss All Things For Your Inner G!



Here at FYIG, we seek to provide our tribe with the space and tools needed to strengthen the growth and development to mind, body, and spirit. Our mission is to go beyond our limitations and not only provide beautifully-crafted, conscious, & spiritually-focused products, but also create a space for enriching their use and your experience along the way.


Simply Living was created to encourage, educate, and empower you to be the most authentic version of yourself, inside & out. The focal point of our content is to discuss topics that may assist you in creating an abundant lifestyle; one that supports wellness and balance to the mind, body, and spirit.




Did you know that everything begins and ends in the mind? Every thought we think, whether it is acted upon or not, begins to dictate how we view the world and the choices we make for ourselves. As the popular notion goes, thoughts create our reality. One of the igniting points for FYIG began with the creation of our Black Girl Magic Affirmation Card Deck! We wanted to create a product that encouraged our tribe to remember the beauty they possess and the power they have to create, through words and beliefs of self, a life filled with divine essence, confidence, healthy relationships, and success. 

Fast forward and we are now here creating a space to provide you with weekly content to grow through the release of any mental barriers, doubts, and fears blocking you from leading healthy, mindful, and creative lives!


The body is an extraordinary machine...uniquely made for you! One of the most popular ways of honoring the body is by engaging in behaviors that support wellness and optimize physical health. As wellness advocates, we believe that behavior plays a major role in optimizing one’s overall well-being. We focus on methods that boost our health, increase our stamina, calm our mind, increase productivity in our lives, and brighten our spirit.

The body houses our mind and spirit, making it a vital component to our overall health and well being. In this space we will discuss a range of topics related to building and maintaining a body that feels good to you, both inside and out!


What are we without our life force energy? Our spirit is the essence of who we are, the ultimate Inner G - our Higher Self. It is in this space we seek to ignite the (re)connection to who you are spiritually. Everything we need to live this life is intertwined within us and seeking to be expressed through us.


Simply Living will guide you through the experience of tuning in to the best of who you are by reminding you of the importance of allowing your spirit to be the anchor in everything you do. Before we had a body, we were a soul. A life you enjoy begins by tuning into the ‘Inner G’ that keeps you centered, balanced, and whole.



Stay tuned as we grow and expand this space to strengthen the growth and development of your connection to mind, body, and spirit.   

There is no greater moment than the present to begin Simply Living, For Your Inner GWhether it’s for your Inner God/Goddess, Growth, Groove, or Glow (to mention a few) you got this….and we’ve got it covered!  

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Blessings to your venture and may God be with you through out this journey.


It’s Never too late for a new beginning. Thank You for your inspiration and affirmations. I look forward to growth in 2021♥️

Sharon Grafton

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