How to Begin Living an Intentional Life

How to Begin Living an Intentional Life

Do You Ever Feel Like Your Days are on CRUISE CONTROL or AUTOPILOT?

It's like you're just going through life's motions with no real destination or excitement. It’s time to shake yourself loose, jump off the hamster wheel, and begin experiencing an elevated life; your best life. One moment at a time. You may have heard the phrase “intentional living” or maybe this is your first time, but do you know what it live intentionally?

To be intentional is to ACT PURPOSEFULLY, with a goal in mind and a PLAN for accomplishing it.

For the FYIG tribe, intentional living means focusing on the present moment, being mindful, and remaining true to the essence of who we are, in all areas of our lives, both personal and in business.

When was the last time you asked yourself, “what is it that I truly want out of life?” If it's been more than 90 days and you have yet to gain clarity, then it’s time to ask again. This is a question we must revisit throughout the various stages of our life journey. By doing so, we continue to grow and develop in ways that place us on par to manifest our visions and desires.

Define Your Why

To begin creating a mindful, healthy, and purposeful life, you'll have to discover your reason for choosing the live the life you desire. You must define your why. Once you have clarity on your personal vision, you can begin taking actionable steps towards it.  

Take a moment to write your top 3 priorities in your Journal. Decide what matters to you the most. Decide what you’re passionate about. Some common areas of focus are: Life Purpose, Faith, Physical Health, Family, Relationships (personal and intimate), Mental Health, Finances, and Career.

These priorities are the answers to your WHY. Use them as the basis for your intentional habits and decision making. Are you living your life based on your priorities? Are you making your choices based on your principles? If not, spend time determining how you can realign with your goals. After all, you are the ruler of your journey. 

Allow your priorities to shape your focus towards living in alignment. Along your journey you will find the courage to release all that no longer serves you (even when it goes against the norm) and pursue things that make you thrive, stay aligned with the Most High, and feel alive.

Are you already leading an intentional life?

Share your tips or journey with the tribe in the comments below

Create Intentional Living Practices

It's not enough to set goals or make plans. You must go a step further and execute. Applying work to your goals is the only way to make them come to fruition in your life. Many times, in order to start seeing the rewards of an intentionally focused path, you may have to change.

Grow. Step out of your comfort zone. In order to live your best life, intentions and actions are vital. Achieving your goals can’t happen without them. To many of us, change can be scary. The path is unknown and….what if you fail? The fear of failure is a common reaction to change but, rather than quitting, use it to adjust your goal as you go along. 

There are no losses around here, only lessons. The lessons aren’t there to discourage and diminish the belief in your dreams. Quite often, they will sculpt you in preparation of manifesting them. Let’s remember, we are not striving for perfection; we are creating space for improvement, for empowerment, for a buoyant life outside the monotonous hamster wheel.

Here Are A Few Simple Ideas to Help You Begin

  1. Get to know who you are and what you want to intentionally create. The best way to get started is by taking time to tune into the G's that keep you centered by directing your focus inward.
  2. Get specific and write down your goal in a journal. It's all in the details! Be specific and begin writing out your goals today. What is your vision?
  3. Decide to take your plans seriously. When setting the goals of your life, you are the author, editor, and creator. Your choices shape and make them come alive.
  4. Focus on accomplishing tasks that align with your goals. Organize your thoughts. Create a plan. 
  5. Assess your lifestyle and behavior(s) to ensure you're aligned with your goals. Make a conscious effort to remove what does not serve you and replace it with qualities that support your growth and development.
  6. Check - in and be real with yourself. Make adjustments when necessary. We are not going to guide you through this step. Check in and be real in the most fluid that feels pleasant to you. 
  7. Practice mindfulness. No matter how intentional we are, we will still experience circumstances that present bad moments. We encourage you to develop and maintain a mindfulness practice. This will bring you back to center even in the most troublesome times.
  8. Be patient with yourself. The journey is a process and you must trust and be patient. Believe in yourself. Have faith in your convictions and your God.

What Do These Steps Looks Like on the Day-To-Day?

Questioning your “have to’s”. 

Choosing to be kind. 

Doing things that bring you joy. 

Spending time in prayer to receive guidance and clarity. 

Practicing active listening. 

Planning your day out. 

Getting your body moving by stretching and exercising. 

Asking “why” and “do I need” before you make a purchase. 

Being mindful of the media you consume. 

Prioritizing time for relaxation & self-care. 

Doing something you can be proud of.

Notice everyday moments that are happening around you. Be conscious of the choices you make and why you do things the way you do. 

 Regularly, start asking yourself questions like: 

Are all these daily tasks necessary? 

Do they have meaning to me? 

Do I enjoy doing them? 

Could I spend my time in other ways?

Tap Into Your Authentic Happiness!

Keep in mind … leading an intentional life is more about the journey than the eventual outcome. So, be patient and kind to yourself. No matter where you are in life, it’s the daily choices that define you and ultimately, bring a sense of purpose and satisfaction.  
You Got This.
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