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Developing Time for Spirituality

Who we are at our core, beyond flesh and bone, are spiritual beings having human experiences. Although life will have us believe the opposite, everything we do, experience, create, engage in, and allow...is spiritual. If this is the case, why are so many of the decisions we make, determined without considering it? 

When was the last time you consulted with your internal guidance before making a decision —big or small?  Consulting with our inner guidance is a spiritual activity. Whether through prayer, meditation, seeking spiritual counsel, or simply disconnecting from the world to think things through….tuning into spirit is not only vital to our energetic balance but has the ability to impact the course of our lives. 

Here at FYIG, we believe spirituality is tied to your internal guidance system. The God that exists within you. This article does not seek to tell you how to be spiritual, but aims to direct you on why you should be intentional in developing a spiritual practice.  Everything you do is connected to spirit. We are here, as a friendly reminder, for you to tap into what has always been there. God. Life Force Energy. Your Eternal Self—use it to your advantage.

If you are a spiritual being having a human experience, why not make it worthwhile?! 

By considering your spiritual self, when making decisions, you are giving yourself the best opportunity at receiving guidance from the source of all that is. By seeking guidance from source, you are allowing yourself the chance of gaining access to insight that will benefit your life’s journey and help you be successful in your endeavors.  

 Do you want to enjoy this level of existence? Do you want to have and live your best life? If your answer is yes, then it is time to develop a plan that supports spirituality as a priority in your daily living. 

Below are some ways we suggest you connect and begin nurturing your relationship with God, your inner being, and your eternal divine essence. Detach and surrender control. God is in control of all things. Surrender and seek divine direction: 

Practices that Support Spiritual Connectivity

1.  Pray and seek divine guidance 

2. Read the word of God to understand and develop a foundation grounded in spiritual principles  

3. Develop a meditation practice that connects you to source and elevates your energy 

4. Develop positive affirmations that remind you of your divine essence 

5. Seek/receive therapy and counsel from a spiritual advisor  

6. Take a moment to vibe with spirit. Listen to music that lifts your vibrations and aligns with spiritual praise and worship  

 7. Engage in mindfulness. Be still to listen and feel what your internal guidance is attempting to communicate to you  

 8.  Go outside. Get some air. Take a walk. Allow yourself to do what feels good in the moment  

 9. Connect with community for support  

 10. Make time for enjoying your presence. Tune into a hobby or activity of self care.

Here at FYIG, we care deeply about your mind, body, and spiritual health. In order to enjoy life and simply live, we must engage with and connect to every part of who we are. When you see those three attributes mentioned in the world, “spirit” is always stated last, however, it is the primary cord that connects and balances our mind and body. Take the time to intentionally focus on strengthening your connection to spirit, For Your Inner G. 

Engage in practices that feel good and enrich your life with effective spiritual principles.  

Tap into the divine power that is accessible to you at all times

As our world changes, the best thing you can do is begin to love yourself for who you were created to be, which will always require you to dive deep, spiritually.  

 Tap in.  

 Enjoy your exploration.  

-For Your Inner G

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