Welcome to Know Thyself

Welcome to Know Thyself

A Blog space created to infuse your journey with resources and tools to deepen your knowledge of self, culture, and community!



Here we seek to provide our tribe space to infuse their journey with resources and tools to deepen knowledge of self, culture, and community. Our mission is to go beyond our limitations and not only provide beautifully-crafted, conscious, and spiritually-focused products....but also create a space for enriching their use and your experience along the way.


 Know thyself was created to encourage, educate, and empower you to read and apply book related content, that reflects self growth and self awareness, to support, shed light on, and expand your knowledge of our culture, our accolades, our stories. 



Book Club

We will provide our tribe with a book list of content we recommend to deepen their knowledge and connectivity to our cultural roots. As the popular saying goes, “you don’t know where you’re going, unless you know where you’ve been.” Our culture is so rich in knowledge of principles, practices, and information that is suitable and helpful for our current plight. With each list, we will strive to reconnect the FYIG tribe to resources that not only captivate but enrich your lives with what is needed to live unhinged and fully embody your divine essence.

Artists Highlight

In order to discover more about ourselves, utilizing the knowledge left behind by those before us, we must dive deep into their work so that we can understand the work that needs to continue. Here we will highlight artists, poets, authors, and others within and among the African Diaspora who pioneered and paved the way. Our culture is rich in historical gems. We aim to share and add to the online space, content that allows us to identify and connect to our stories, our ancestral history, and our legacy.

Well Versed

How many of you love all the gems that you gather up when you read? Well Versed will be a place where we document our favorite quotes from the books we read and recommend to the tribe. Knowledge is power and words have the power to transform lives... but the belief in them must be carried in the heart. When you are well versed on a topic, you don’t need to pick up its resources to remind yourself, you only need to speak aloud what you carry in your heart. Well versed is here to help you infuse your heart and mind with quotes to live by and reflect on as you journey through life.



Know Thyself will guide you through the experience of tuning into the best of who you are by reminding you of the resilience, passion, and courage of those who came before and those who are currently paving the way. A catalyst for your transition into being a part of our rich history; We are here to inspire you to become aware of your greatness by applying the principles and activating your Divine energy.

We are all creating history.

What story do you want your life to tell?


Stay tuned as we grow and expand this space to strengthen the growth and development of knowledge of self, culture, and community.  

There is no greater moment than the present to Know ThyselfFor Your Inner G. Whether it’s for your Inner God/Goddess, Growth, Groove, or Glow (to mention a few) you got this….and we’ve got it covered! 

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