Marching into Our Purpose and Progress

Marching into Our Purpose and Progress

In Celebration of Women’s History Month, we have curated a list of amazing book reads to pay homage to amazing works of art that continue to march our culture into purpose and progression by laying a foundation for future generations to build upon or by fearlessly breaking barriers to redefine what it means to live, dream, and overcome. 

All books were hand selected to empower, enlighten, and invigorate pride in who you are, where you come from, and prepare you for who you are destined to be. 

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The Year of Yes x Shonda Rhimes 

This is an amazing read that showcases what can happen when you commit to the work and open yourself up to receiving. Shonda’s intimate depiction of life before the creation of amazing works of art that we all now know and love, details the growth, sacrifices, and courage she had to develop to propel herself into her destiny. There is no such thing as overnight success - but the culmination of what you consistently do night after night is what produces success. The Year of Yes will inspire you to do the work, embrace who you are, press beyond your comfort zone, and create the life you yes at a time. 

When and Where I Enter x Paula J. Giddings 

When and Where I Enter is a passion filled work of art that details the stories of Black women who fought, persevered, and overcame barriers set to dwindle their confidence, value, and calling. This read will inspire your journey and encourage you to keep marching forward towards creating a legacy and living in purpose, unapologetically. Paula Giddings, an eloquent writer who has the seal of approval from Toni Morrison and Maya Angelou, shares stories of women who stood at the precipice of the anti-lynching movement to the struggle for suffrage and equal protection under law; courageously upholding integrity, principles, and what they believed... 

Pushing the culture forward to see women and the Black race as worthy of being seen, valued, and a force to be reckoned with. Do yourself a favor and gain inspiration from those who paved the way. Allow it to inspire you to continue building on the great legacy of birthing positive change in our world.

And The Myth of The Superwoman x  Michele Wallace 

Who Runs the World?! .....well not in 1978 and in many ways, it’s still up for debate who runs it today. When Michele Wallace published this amazing portrayal of how women are overlooked, placed behind, and blocked from excelling how they see fit, it was met with lots of controversy  not because it wasn’t factual but because it shed a light on truths the world wasn’t ready to face. I’m not sure if she, herself, was ready to face them….and when you read this book, you too will not be ready....but that’s what continues to make this a vital read. As women and a society, we have come so far. 

From living in a dominant patriarchal society to currently advocating for equal pay, this book examines the Black Macho and the Myth of the Superwoman construct with the goal of reimagining what it means to be Black and Woman. This is a feminist classic that will encourage us all to transform pain into power, while showcasing in all ways and forms what it truly means to be Black and Woman.

Well Read Black Girl x Glory Edim

 We absolutely love and would highly recommend this amazing read and resource. Glory Edim curated, beautifully, a group of new and upcoming poets and authors that are carrying the torch left behind by Black Author Giants. In Well-Read Black Girl, you are introduced to a new author, as they document previous literature stories that made them fall in love with writing, storytelling, and the African American experience. Inspirations include Zora Neale Hurston, James Baldwin, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Jamaica Kincaid...just to name a few. Representation matters and this wealthy resource not only showcases representation well, but inspires every reader to explore the depths of their history to invigorate their journey and create their own story.

 It's Not All Downhill From Here x Terry McMillan 

This woman is amazing! Every book created by Terry McMillan takes you down a road of feeling seen, finding humor in the mundane, and rising to the occasion to prove to oneself the ability to adapt, overcome, and redefine what it means to live. It’s Not All Downhill From Here brings perspective to phases in life that no one is ever really prepared for. Friendship, love, motherhood, and self discovery are explored in an authentic way allowing the reader to understand, no matter the age, life will happen…yet you still must choose to live, choose happiness, and choose evolution.

Cherish The Interlude Vol. 1 x For Your Inner G

Life is a journey that comes with a series of highs and lows. As you march towards progressing and tapping into your purpose, it's important to learn how to push beyond the limitations set to discourage and choose to evolve into your best. This poetry read is a For Your Inner G exclusive, written by American Author Amirah B. Abdullah. It will take you on a journey to evaluate your thought process, perspective, and how it impacts the life you are creating. This collection of poems provides the groove you need to grow and develop wisdom, self-love, and other uplifting qualities to make your journey worthwhile. Cherish the Interlude Vol. One will enhance your life and inspire you to see that, with an elevated mindset and the power of choice, you can overcome anything. Vibe with us as you Cherish the Interlude.

The City We Became x N. K. Jemisin 

 “A rebel with a cause.” — It’s the vibe.  

 The story of triumphant greatness when five ‘New Yorkers’ unify to take down evil. The City We Became, is the first book of the Great Cities series and nothing short of inspiring, captivating, and uplifting - a magical science fiction tale with beautiful worldly landscapes and modern themes of oppression and cultural conflicts. N.K. Jemisin is known for her stories of fantastic powers and gods among the people and in this read she narrates a story that answers questions like, What if a city had a soul? What if it could come alive, embodied as a human avatar? 

Dressed in Dreams: A Black Girl's Love Letter to the Power of Fashion x Tanisha C. Ford

 She writes, “From sneakers to leather jackets, a bold, witty, and deeply personal dive into Black America’s closet”. In this read, The Black Girl's Guide to Living on Purpose shares her lifelong fashion (r)evolution—from figuring out her own personal style to discovering what makes Midwestern fashion a real style.  This is a story of desire, access, conformity, and black innovation. Rich and Evocative and Dressed in Dreams!

Now and Then x Gil Scott-Heron

Originally published in 2000, this collection of poetry is predominantly lyrics to music from Gil Scott-Heron’s long recording career. Tap into his lyrical pose as he writes about family, politics , tests of life, and the media. Though many of these poems were written in the 70s and 80s, decades later, Gil Scott-Heron's words have value to life lessons of today. It’s real. It’s raw. He’s empowering. 

The Beautiful Ones x Prince

The book is told in four parts. This memoir is a journey through stages and moments of the life of Prince. Handwritten and captured intimate moments in time. Prince-The Beautiful Ones is a scrapbook of life lessons, hidden gems, Art & love—in all its forms; truly, without a doubt, a good read for pushing forward. Marching forward. Standing firm in who you are, while learning & honoring who you’re becoming. A peek into the life of Prince. A journey you’ll want to travel. 

Swing Time x Zadie Smith

For its plot alone, Swing Time makes for truly marvelous reading. The narrator’s journey, from gritty estate to glittering globe and back again, is the juicy stuff of which film adaptations are made... Cinematic as it is, the novel does what only literature can and what only great literature will: forces us to assess the very vocabulary with which we speak of human experience. Change is a central theme, for on one level Swing Time functions as a classic story of betterment, in which the ability to move, to change, is rendered as a form of power. 

Black Girl Unlimited x Echo Brown

Echo Brown (not to be confused with the author’s name) is not your average teenage wizard. After growing up on the East Side, where she watches as parents struggle with addiction, she’s enrolled in a school on the West Side where a teacher she befriends proves invaluable. This mythical tale is heavily autobiographical, but it’s out of this world. 

Long Way Down x Jayson Reynolds

Reynolds masterfully weaves in textured glimpses of the supporting characters. Throughout, readers get a vivid picture of Will and the people in his life, all trying to cope with the circumstances of their environment while expressing the love, uncertainty, and hope that all humans share. This astonishing book will generate much needed discussion and push your desire to be the change you want to see.

The Black Girl's Guide to Living on Purpose x Brie Daniels

Divided into three parts, The Black Girl’s Guide to Living on Purpose offers Bible-based guidance for your spiritual, emotional, professional, and physical well-being to help you discover your true purpose and start enjoying the life God handcrafted just for you. Through reading this book you will discover: How to prepare for your purpose, How to position yourself for your purpose, and How to perform in your purpose

Clap When You Land x Elizabeth Acevedo  

Experiencing grief can make one feel like they’re in a constant downward spiral. Life immediately changes and leaves one picking up pieces of themselves they never knew could break. In this beautifully written story, Elizabeth Acevedo takes us on the journey of the decline that presents when experiencing loss - especially when it happens suddenly, with no opportunity to say goodbye. Two women are grieving the loss of their father and have no recognition that either of them exists. Separated by distance and secrets of their father’s past, these women are pushed into facing a new reality of learning how to live, forgive, and build life transformative bonds. 


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